Randall Castillo Ortega of RACO Investments explains the importance of creativity in business

To be successful in a company, creativity is essential. It doesn’t matter what business sector you are in, how the day is run or who the members of your team are. All companies require a lot of creativity. It must be part of our daily lives. We have to examine whether it is happening, how it is being fed, and then take actions and dynamics to bring back that creativity. It is essential that a business remains creative in order to be successful long-term. Randall Castillo Ortega, the founder of RACO Investment and a business process expert, discusses why.

Creativity does not mean only developing artistic activities. Castillo asserts that creativity is not just about developing an artistic activity. It is found when our thinking is trained for the ability to think outside of the box. Creativity can also be described as imagination. It is the ability to think outside of the box.

In a company, creativity is vital. We all need to know that our creative abilities are not only able to accomplish what they do, but also more useful, profitable, and effective. Creative thinking is key to achieving something faster, more efficiently, simpler, more profitable, and of course, more productively.

It is possible to do something that has been done well for years, but new eyes may see it differently, make some changes, and suddenly trigger effectiveness. The first principle is to allow others to have ideas and the second is to believe in and connect to our creative selves.

“Entrepreneurs must make sure they spend time and resources encouraging their team’s creativity,” explains Castillo. “This must be in line with company culture. Creative thinking requires a supportive environment. Creativity is not a flourishing environment that restricts freedom of expression or closes off opportunities for innovation.”

Without the right training, it is difficult or impossible to be creative. These trainings will give us the knowledge, strategies, and resources that we need to develop our creative thinking. This is just taking advantage of these elements and creating a new vision.

Like training, experience is the ability to work in something. This means that you can have it in your head day-to-day, keep it in your mind and see its potential. This will open up new possibilities for your brain. It’s similar to someone who does something every day (a marketing strategy, for example).

After a while, it becomes easier to find creative ways to translate the information, to solve problems, and so on. It is important to remember that attitude is key. We can stay in our comfort zone and stick with what we know so creativity has serious problems flowing. Or, we can move into the challenge zone and explore the unknown where creativity finds its development space.

It is obvious that workers who lack confidence in their company, their superiors, and their team to implement their ideas will not be creative. Adds Castillo, “Trust-based relationships and the Organization’s Directors are essential to allow for new ideas and to encourage people to do so. Trust allows you to connect with your natural talents, and it neutralizes the sabotage of creativity.”

All of this is important to encourage creativity in your company. However, it will be even more effective if you regularly hold activities that are focused on the creative aspect. Activities like Team Building are responsible for providing the tools needed to stimulate the creativity in every case.

Our lives are so digitalized that we don’t even use our hands to create. We only give the key to repetitive movements. Without realizing it, we are missing one of the most important physiological triggers for creativity: manual work. Because the brain loves to launch a movement, it must work in sync with the left and right sides of the brain, creating a chemical state that encourages creativity and flow.

As an additional and summation of the above, it is important to allow creativity to flow freely in the workplace. Also, be open to all sides, encourage curiosity, and help people learn and grow. However, creativity cannot emerge if it’s not based on values.

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