RACO Investment founder Randall Castillo Ortega offers the benefits of becoming an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is one of the greatest satisfactions you can get in your life; this process can make you grow in a variety of ways. You gain a lot of experience and find patterns that you must follow to avoid mistakes and take advantage of opportunities. Randall Castillo Ortega, the founder of SME investor RACO Investment, explains why becoming an entrepreneur is an invaluable experience. 

Although in the process of becoming an entrepreneur, not everything is rosy, there are many sacrifices you must make to achieve your goals. In fact, it is possible that you will have to work much more and have more stressful stimuli in your path as an entrepreneur. But no matter how hard the test is, achieving it is your top priority.

When you start the process, nothing turns out to be easy, and the benefits may be few. Still, when you reach a point of equilibrium at which your goal is stable, and you achieve much of the process, you begin to see the great benefits of growing and undertaking.

“When you are in a company,” explains Castillo, “you must be governed by internal rules; you must usually do the work from your desk or office. This implies molding your personality, adapting to specific schedules, and being governed by those rules.”

Many times, it is not the most optimal way to work and give the best of yourself, but it is what there is. Being an entrepreneur gives you that great advantage; you can manage your life and efforts however you want.

Being an entrepreneur and having your own business gives you the great advantage of managing your schedule. However, you have to be careful with this. Many companies fail due to the lack of commitment of the owner. If you want to obtain these benefits without putting your entrepreneurial project at risk, you must delegate the administrative functions, always taking into account that the example towards your team and co-workers is your best growth tool.

Your strategic profit plan must be focused on the growth of the company, and therefore your economic possibilities will grow. Each income must be destined to cover the basic expenses of the company initially, then keep a reserve as a basis for your company and its capital, and finally leave the residual income to increase your own personal revenue.

One of the utopias that the human being seeks is to be able to enjoy life and his family; work is one of the barriers we find on our way that avoids this goal. “As an entrepreneur, you can start delegating many of the functions you perform within your project or company and take time to enjoy the things you crave most,” adds Castillo.

Currently, there is a very high rate of people who hate their work, hate to work, and hate having to do something they like. From there come a large number of entrepreneurs who are looking for a way out of this horrible paradigm. When you start an entrepreneurial project, you start building what you want and working on what you like; this increases your passion and love for your daily tasks.

The incredible power of being an entrepreneur lies in the potential you can obtain and get out to do your passions; when you start developing your own life project, ideas arise in a spontaneous way, and every experience you live helps you to maximize the results. All this lies in the passion and love that you apply to what you do when it is something of your own.

When you are an entrepreneur, you must help your work team to be happy in what it does, try to enhance their passions, exploit your skills and express their ideas; this will grow your entrepreneurial project. It will make your workgroup grow as people and professionals, and it will generate great satisfaction and change the paradigm of the world of work a little.

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