RACO Investment founder Randall Castillo Ortega explains why female entrepreneurs are succeeding

There’s no better time to start a business than right now. This is especially true if you are a female entrepreneur. According to Randall Castillo Ortega, the founder or RACO investment and a serial businessman, there are some key elements that can help female-owned startups gather additional strength and there are some key elements that can help them gather additional strength.

There have been substantial increases in the number of women-owned businesses over the past three decades, growing from 402,000 companies in 1972 to 3 million in 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Today, four out of ten companies in the U.S. are owned by female entrepreneurs.

It is well known that a large number of females have experienced a childhood in corporate America or in a business that is predominantly male-dominated. This experience has led to a common perception that being bold doesn’t necessarily lead to success as a female. As it stands, it is important for you to bolster your own position as you run your own organization in order to be the most successful person in your field.

Explains Castillo, “You will quite possibly meet more people than you might expect. Consider this a way for you to promote your business and what needs to be done for it to succeed. This can include virtually anyone – friends, family, casual acquaintances and even those sitting next to you on the plane.”

For success to occur, perseverance and energy are also crucial components. Once the journey begins, it must continue until the end. In spite of the fact that there will be naysayers who doubt you and if you don’t have a decent group of friends to help you on your journey, it will be difficult for you to forge ahead if there are no naysayers around you. It is important to remember that the majority of this perseverance comes from within.

Adds Castillo, “It’s crucial to have the option to impart that need to other people so that they will fill a financial need and take care of an issue or crucial point that the objective market faces. Make sense of how your service or product serves that need to fill a financial need and take care of that issue.

As entrepreneurs, it is easy for us to learn from other small business owners – both their successes and their failures. It is highly unlikely that you will receive a negative response to your desire to seek advice from another entrepreneur; most small business owners have experienced a similar situation and are eager to share their experience with you.

By using free assets to start your business, you can keep overhead costs low. In addition to connecting you to a coach in your area to help you, this site will additionally connect you to a coach in your area to assist you. In his words, Castillo adds, “Get creative and use what you already have.”

There are a number of ways to do this, including using a home office to test products or services before investing in additional real estate. Reuse and recycle anything that can help you grow your business and also check want ads for the possibility of picking up free supplies.”.

It’s also a good idea to seek assistance from loved ones. They will most likely be willing to donate something as well to be able to support your business as it gets started.

While the business gets established, use as many free alternatives as possible while it gets established and then make the investments that will help it continue to grow in the future. As much as you can, try to use free alternatives while it gets established.

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