RACO Investment founder Randall Castillo Ortega explains preparing a business for the holidays

It is proven in the world of marketing that sales on holidays are one of the best opportunities to sell more and attract attention, a pretty positive opportunity if advertisers and marketers know how to take advantage of it. Seasonal marketing is mostly a strategy that allows any marketing specialist to create direct marketing campaigns; in order to increase sales during a given period. Randall Castillo Ortega, an entrepreneur and the founder of RACO Investment, offers insight into how small business owners can prepare for a busy holiday season.

Seasonal marketing strategies allow business owners and operators to know the needs of consumers and increase consumption and purchase possibilities in events and holiday seasons. In turn, it also helps to increase the visibility of the product, service or brand. This way, the company, brand or service can exploit and reinforce its benefits to the maximum and work the branding as such, to increase its receptivity; also give information of constant interest and updated to the consumer, about activities and special offers.

Seasonal marketing works based on strategies or direct and anticipated actions from a previous month or season where a future conversion is sought, as well as the largest compilation of information for buyers, people and leads. “It is important to be aware of all the nearby festive dates,” explains Castillo. “This way, you will know when the official date will be to launch the campaign. This way, you will give your company a chance to grow and for those SEO and SEM practices to stand out in content and positioning.”

One of the direct actions is to generate needs of the moment, such as the beginning of any school or university season, where a need is detected, and the opportunity to use a marketing campaign focused on the academic field is created. After detecting this need, it’s time to move forward to start the campaign as such, where the user is prepared to locate where the best offer will be in order for you to buy the products, the brand or use the service that meets your requirements.

Know your audience and the festivities, as this will help you create a marketing campaign that suits their needs and engagement; this is achieved by knowing their traits and customs. Asserts Castillo, “This creates a link between the brand as such and consumers, in this way there can be a solid relationship and achieve more visibility. It is important to interact with them and create effective engagement.”

Don’t try to cover all the segments that make up the audience. Focus on a specific group and try to get to know them thoroughly. The idea is that you can offer them offers and products that are in greater demand. Holidays can help you capture those customers who aren’t being served well by the competition. Define how much you are going to invest. Financing for the purchase of merchandise is essential. The financial system usually starts two months before a campaign with offers of loans with preferential rates for businesses that need working capital.

Offer products that suit both the season and the message of the campaign to be even more effective for consumers through offers and promotions. Create messages, designs, and content with themes related to the season or festivity. This way, you can highlight the brand you offer from the competition.

Holidays are usually a great opportunity to increase sales of any brand or company, both small and large; It’s also fun because you can exploit your creativity and create offers that benefit your business.

These days, buyers have greater availability of money, and if they do not have it, they appeal to credit to be able to make their purchases. Holidays are important opportunities for companies to increase their sales. Everything will depend on the strategy and approach they give to these campaigns.

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