RACO Investment founder Randall Castillo Ortega discusses digital marketing for startups

Nowadays, there are many enterprises that, regardless of the field in which they work, online or offline, need to have on their side a series of tools that allow them to catapult their areas of impact in the market and thus enrich themselves in all aspects. Randall Castillo Ortega, the founder of SME backer RACO Investment, discusses five digital marketing tools every startup should consider using.

In the market, there are currently many applications or platforms that were designed to support new entrepreneurs through their multiple functions at low cost or free; you have to take advantage of them to truly boost your business. All the options of tools that exist cover different areas of action that are of vital importance for any new venture. Among these areas of action are the organization of operations, productivity enhancement, measurement of results of marketing strategies, content creation and insight knowledge about your target.

Within the area of action that seeks to improve the organization and productivity of a startup, Trello is the ideal tool to achieve the best results. It is totally free, and its main contribution is to provide a digital space where collaborative work by projects is encouraged. “If your venture is a digital agency, for example,” explains Castillo, “with Trello, you can create specific windows for each client where workers can share content related to that account and thus optimize their results.”

Google Suite is a set of tools that also seek to improve the internal operations of a startup through the optimization of organization and productivity. It is probably the most popular on the market, since it offers not only the possibility of creating a series of emails with the company’s own domain, but through them, you can better access the tools of Google Drive and all the elements that the cloud brings with it and also Google Docs and its spreadsheets, word processors and options to create professional presentations.

To cover the area of action of measuring the results of marketing strategies, the level of interaction with users and that so much is discussed on the web about your startup we present Google Analytics, one of the most useful tools for entrepreneurs. Its use is free and offers as its main contribution the greatest knowledge of the users or customers of your brand, in order to better channel the strategies and achieve their needs. In addition to that, it also allows entrepreneurs to see the number of visits and how long users last on your website, create conversation funnels to stimulate action in buyers and much more.

Within digital marketing, one of the most important areas of action is the creation of content, since through it is that it will be possible to capture the attention of potential buyers. Says Castillo, “To fulfill that purpose, there are several tools for you to access free and royalty-free artwork, for example: Pexels, Pixabay, Pxhere, among others. These platforms work in a similar way, and allow startups, as well as seasoned entrepreneurs, to have an almost infinite and quality image bank that serves to reinforce their content and attract the eyes of users.”

Google is the developer of digital marketing tools that currently sets the standard, and its Google Trends is no exception. This tool covers the areas of action of insight, that is, the most in-depth knowledge of the market. It allows the entrepreneur to follow in real time and efficiently the most used search terms at the moment so that you can improve the SEO of your site and position yourself better, organically, in search engines.

There are other tools available, depending on the business need that has to be filled. However, especially given their accessibility, these five rank at the top of the list for any startup, regardless of the field.

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