RACO Investment founder Randall Castillo Ortega discusses cost accounting in project management

A business must have a deep understanding of all profits and losses in order to succeed. For a business to be truly successful, it must also know the profits and losses for each profit center, every department, and each project. Randall Castillo Ortega, the founder of SME backer RACO Investment in Costa Rica and Panama, shares his knowledge on how to keep track of costs to manage projects.

Castillo explains that cost bookkeeping can be used to improve point-by-point cost data regarding your current tasks and more effectively plan your company’s financial futures. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), which includes cost accounting, can help businesses allocate their resources more effectively and accurately.

Managers can use cost accounting to accurately determine costs by taking into account both fixed and variable expenses. It helps to assess the costs of all business segments, including those associated with products, projects, and contracts. Integration of ERP solutions can make this possible. These models and techniques can be used to analyze job and process costs.

Executing cost bookkeeping has the greatest advantage: it can reduce costs and increase efficiency. It streamlines procedures and helps to identify areas that contribute to waste. Castillo says that reviewing these points will help the company cut unnecessary expenses and increase the overall cost-effectiveness.

Budget planning is one of the most important aspects of resource planning. The foundation of any budget is cost accounting. It can be used to calculate the actual costs associated all business processes and operations as well as the costs per department and all products. To better understand the potential savings, it is possible to visualize all of these data together.

Cost bookkeeping will allow you to evaluate all aspects of your business, including cost-volume-profit examination, appraisals for new investment, and profitability offered by different products. This will allow you to make better decisions as your financial decisions can be influenced by precise evaluations of each budgetary impact.

Castillo adds, “By factoring in all factors – such as free market activity and competing businesses, current market conditions, – cost bookkeeping may help in deciding the proper pricing of products and services as well as the cost incurred by producers.”

A department’s accountability can be improved by cost accounting. Organizations can set goals and milestones for each office by examining all expenses. This will increase financial responsibility and give each department the information they need to stay within their budgets.

Castillo says that ERP solutions that are properly maintained not only will streamline business processes but also will allocate resources more efficiently and effectively. There are many options, including some cloud solutions, that can help you balance fixed and variable expenses to plan for future revenue and expenses. This is essential to ensure the business’s growth and ability to keep its market share in an evolving world.

If you are still accustomed to writing down accounting details on business cards, napkins, or scraps of paper, then it is time to stop. Not only will it make your life easier, but it can also help to ensure that the taxman doesn’t inspect the business. Many apps can be used to manage the accounting process of a business.

You should ensure that you follow key details such as the exchange date, item details, and where your receipt is kept. Castillo explains, “It may seem absurd to hold onto a receipt from one year ago for packaging tape or labels. But, audits require six years’ worth of records. Keep everything.”

Many accounting programs allow you to connect with your financial account and download and adjust exchanges. This saves you the hassle of entering banking exchanges manually and is extremely useful when it comes to storing your records.

The app can be integrated with bank feeds. All transactions will be automatically recorded. A reconciliation report is available at the end of each month. It allows you to see exactly what happened. You can also see if there is anything wrong sooner than expected.

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