RACO Investment founder Randall Castillo Ortega describes proven habits of successful entrepreneurs

Viability plays an essential role in every leadership process. Viability is about delivering desired outcomes. The best business people have this ability because it makes them more productive, less sedentary and helps them to work smarter. If you are unable to achieve consistency, it is impossible to be productive. Business leaders who are the best at what they do don’t engage in complication or straightforwardness as part of their leadership process. Instead, they organize and prepare for every step before executing any plan. Randall Castillo Ortega, a successful entrepreneur and the founder of SME lender RACO Investment, shares seven traits that make entrepreneurs successful.

People who are most successful in business invest a lot of time thinking and visioning. They are usually imaginative and must be in a constant process of revelation. They are able to turn their dreams into reality by relying on hope. They are different from others who do not hope against hope in the same way or as great a degree. Castillo says, “The individuals that emerge from the pack see not closure date to innovation, prosperity, their ability to profit, and include themselves in new pursuits and do what they accept as possible.”

Businesspeople who are successful increase their productivity by prioritizing work over socializing. They see socializing as important and nurturing. They schedule this time to take care of their work obligations at the end of each day. This allows them to be fully present for those they are interacting with and forming relationships with. This arrangement ensures that they can work effectively in any situation they find themselves in.

Businesspeople who are successful also never underestimate the importance of rest. They strive to be sharp, accessible and on the ball in all aspects of their business. A lot of evidence has been documented on the bi-directional relationship between rest and stress. An absence of rest causes passionate reactivity to increase and decreases dissatisfaction resistance. This leads to another night of poor sleep.

Castillo explains that successful entrepreneurs make a point to get enough sleep and feel better. They are more likely to be mindful of their sleep and make it a priority to get enough. This makes them less likely to feel burnt out, lose efficiency, have increased medical problems, and miss long periods of work.

People who are successful in business know that their greatest asset is their ability to be impulsive. They are known for following simple, yet effective schedules. They are more likely to stick to their basic schedules and not take on any additional tasks beyond what they can manage.

When they don’t feel overwhelmed by pressure, business visionaries who are most successful in achieving their goals are more profitable. They create a sense of self-limitation. They are less concerned about pleasing others and more about creating great jobs. They use the cutoff points to their advantage to give them control over their lives, reduce their burdens and have the ability to perform as efficiently and productively as they can under the circumstances.

Standard is important, but the best business visionaries understand that they must be able to change gears in response to changing or unexpected circumstances. Their chances of success are greatly increased if they can be flexible enough to change their course. This also improves their learning, development, instruction. Their work-and-convey setup is standard and can be used to make them financially viable, regardless of whether they are at the beach or at work.

The enemy of productivity is weariness, which is why the most successful business visionaries never stop learning. They are open-minded and curious about everything. They are open to asking questions and imagining what their next steps will look like. According to Castillo, “Successful entrepreneurs are open-minded and curious. It is hard to deplete their imagination repositories.” They are usually open to new ideas and eager to explore them in the near future.

Anyone can become a business leader if they have the right motivation. You need to have vision and perseverance. Follow the advice of others.

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